Founded on the premise that image is paramount, and that compromising oneself is simply not an option. Pearl Image has over 15 years experience in advertising & marketing, film & radio, commercial & traditional illustration.

We believe in an integrated approach when designing for your business or brand; ensuring  that your message is developed, refined, targeted and communicated consistently across a  variety of media.  Pearl Image offers a wide range of styles to meet our clients’ needs. From traditional to dynamic illustration to cutting-edge computer rendering, we are able to solve the most complex design problems.


We follow a 3 step process with our clients along with a structured timeline to help turn concepts, ideas and dreams into reality.



BRANDING ~ Identity Strategy, and B2B Collaterals.

DESIGN ~ Traditional Illustration, Computer Rendering, Logo Development, Print & Website Design, and Multimedia Campaigns.

MARKETING ~ Brand Equity Research & Development, Market Trends and Short/Long-Term Brand Assessments.



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